Copyright. What of it?

10 Sep

Wello. (Well hello)

#Copyright and things.

A wholly (holy) new concept to the common vagabond artist, homeless gipsy wonderer who may, or may not realise, that their creativity is actually their property. Ever wondered…

WHAT copyright is?

WHAT qualifies as an original ‘copyright-able’ work?

WHO is covered by Australian Copyright Laws?

HOW to own the complete rights to your creative or intellectual work?

An Exclusive Interview with Sir Copyright:

Ange: What is Intellectual Property? (IP)

Sir C. Right: ANYTHING original that you have created. Whether it be a song, story, poem, film…

Ange: What are you?

Sir. C. Right: I am literally, the right to make copies of any original creative or intellectual work.

Ange: How does one get a date with you?

Sir. C. Right: As soon as you’ve created something, you and I are in a relationship.

Ange: So what does it mean for my creative work (or IP) to be in a relationship with you?

Sir C. Right: It means no-one else can copy your work! Or duplicate it! Without my permission. And I, as your humble friend Sir C.Right, will not let anyone copy your work without your permission.

Ange: But technically, you can’t physical stop people copying or stealing my creative work?

Sir. C. Right: Errh…

Ange: Technically someone could commercialise say, a poem I’d written? Without my permission?

Sir C. Right: Well yes. But then you could take them to Court and sue them for damages.

Ange: Does it help to put the (C) symbol and date (2012) next to my original work?

Sir C. Right: Not really, you already own the copyright without the symbol. But it does remind people! And if your copyright has been ‘infringed’ then you have evidence that you made it very clear that you did not want your work copied, duplicated or commercialised without your permission.

Ange: Is there anything else I can do, Sir C, to ensure my work stays my own?

Sir C. Right: Look, you can slap a (C) symbol on any work, you can publish a Creative Commons License online, you can take photos/send your work in the post to yourself/archive all your original notes and concepts for later evidence/keep records of sketches, old recordings and rough drafts to prove a work is yours…however the big question is:


and the wonderful answer to that question is beautifully simplistic:

There is no system of registration for copyright protection in Australia. Copyright protection does not depend on publication, a copyright notice, or any other procedure. Copyright protection is free and automatic from the moment your work is on paper, or disk, or otherwise put into “material form”. (Australian Copyright Council)

Some helpful links:

Good ol’ Wikipedia

Info for Artists – A Great Summary

Australian Copyright Council

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