Uni Made Me Do It

26 Jul

Some things you should know:

1. I didn’t make a blog because I’m egotistical and narcissistic.

2. Not all people who make blogs are egotistical and narcissistic.

3. A large portion are.

4. Especially film and media students.

5. We suffer from a severe condition of repressed narcissism.

6. Because until we have money, no-one cares about what we create.

7. Repressed. Depressed.

8. First World Problems.

9. Point is; Uni made me do it.

#1 Created a wordpress (Y)

#2 Applied a theme (Y)

#3 Made a post (Y)

#4 A link to something rad (Y)

10. It’s a surprise. And it’s good:

BOOM. 2 Marks.

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