Met An Asian Bloke Called Chum

26 Jul

Watched this last night.

And this is why Jim Jarmusch is

spot on.

Because today

I laughed.

And said ‘CHUM?!’

Fixed it by saying, ‘cool name’.

‘What’s yours?’ He goes.

Then I realised if you’d asked me a few years ago I would’ve replied:

‘Ango Bango’

*  *  *


If you don’t believe me

send an email:

True story. It exists.

Not a very good blog post.

*  *  *

But the thing is

it’s very poignant really.

I wasn’t very cool back then.

Still not cool at all.

But it’s got nothing to do with my name.

Chum was a nice bloke.

He’s got a name that makes you think

of a friendly pal.

Together Jim and Chum

have taught me some life lessons.

Oh what a day.

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